Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 21

So my buddies let me know about the lame ass MMA websites talking shit about me having "herpes." LOL! Grow up! Almost everyone I know either has or knows 5 people who get cold sores on their lips periodically. It just shows how immature these writers are. One thing I can take out of it is that I must be pretty damn important to get entire articles written about me getting a cold sore! Am I supposed to be enbarrassed? Fucking lame asses. Anyway, I changed my whole commissary food orders and my diet. I don't drink milk on the streets so I had been avoiding it in here, which must be a big mistake considering it's the only real form of protein we get in here! Remember I said I went from 195 to 175? Well I was going off the mirror but finally weighed myself and was 190! Which means that I haven't been losing weight so much as my body composition is changing to more fat, less muscle! Prolly also why I've been sweating profusely in my sleep. I think my body was just incinerating my muscles as I slept causing me to sweat. Well, a week of 6 milks a day and switching my commissary orders to just tuna & peanut butter instead of junk, and I can already see big difference in my physique and my overall energy levels. Feek a lot better this week as a result.

Shit, I had to throw my celly out of my room the other day. I've been in this cell for over 5 months and motherfuckers think they can just come in here and fuck up my program, make messes and give me attitude in my cell because I'm making noise @ 3PM while they're still sleeping and coming off some type of dope. Nuh uh. I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that shit fly. This lil' cell is my "home" for the time being and if I get a celly they're just a guest. If they don't want to follow my rules they can beat it! And lucky for me, everyone here likes me and looks out for me because they know I don't belong here and can't afford to get in trouble. I never have to get physical. If the guy doesn't want to leave, under the pressure of a few of them, they will. Luckily so far I'm intimidating enough on my own and all I have to say is, "get your shit and find a new cell," and they do. What else...

The Mexican "shot caller" left the other day; I liked him so I'm kinda bummed out. Very few of the guys here I actually come to like, so when one leaves it sucks. I hope he gets through his prison sentence without any incidents and gets out and stays out of trouble. So Thanksgiving... I've decided that from next year on I'm not going to celebrate that holiday anymore. Instead, I will fast. I'm no longer gonna celebrate the way the pioneers of this country and our people betrayed, raped and killed an entire other group of people, people with a rich beautiful culture. The more I think of it, it really is a disgusting fucking holiday. So, now I will fast for them and suffer, just a little bit, for the 1st people we "Americans" destroyed for our own greed.

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